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To further enhance our services to our clients, mechanical testing equipment was purchased in 2001. The universal testing machine and impact tester were soon followed by the purchase of microscopes, hardness testers and a host of metallurgical sample preparation equipment. A fully-fledged laboratory capable of mechanical testing, metallography or a complete metallurgical evaluation/investigation is therefore available for every eventuality.

Our latest acquisition, a Belec portable spectrometer, enables us to identify incoming feed stock or Positive Material Identity on the clients' final product.

Laboratory Services

- Room temperature tensile testing - Impact testing down to minus 196 degrees C
- Elevated temperature tensile testing up to 600 degrees C - Metallography
- Compression testing -
Failure Investigations
- Bend testing - Portable spectrometric analysis
- Hardness testing ( Rockwell, Brinell and/or Vickers )    

Calibration Status

- Tensile tester – yearly – to ASTM/ASME and BS EN standards–NCS traceable
- Impact tester – yearly – to ASTM/ASME and BS EN standards – AIA witnessed NIST Charpy V notch specimens low and high range for evaluation and reporting.
- Hardness testers – to ASTM/ASME and BS EN standards – NCS traceable – daily verification on certified test blocks
- Temperature recording equipment – 3 monthly – NCS traceable